Caravan servicing

caravan-habitation-checkTo ensure that your Caravan or Motorhome gives you years of trouble free holidaying we would suggest that you have it serviced once a year.

West Yorkshire Caravan & Trailer Services can provide you with either, an Annual Habitation Service or a first check upon purchase of a used Caravan or Motorhome.

Either are essential for the continued safe running of your of your Caravan or Motorhome and covers all the construction and the individual components of the habitation side of the vehicle.

Full Caravan Service Checklist

  • Check vehicle exterior and interior for damage or scratches
  • Check water filter
  • Check water pump functioning correctly
  • Check water pump housing for cracks/leaks
  • Check kitchen sink drain and taps for signs of leaking
  • Check bathroom sink drain and taps for signs of leaking
  • Check shower hose, drain and taps for signs of leaking
  • Check immersion heater and hoses for signs of leakage
  • Remove toilet cassette and check all fittings are working correctly
  • Inspect cassette tank for signs of damage, cracks or leaks
  • Test leisure battery voltage and condition
  • Test electrical sockets with a socket tester or multimeter
  • Check master trip for each socket
  • Check master trips are functioning correctly
  • Check all lights for functionality and make sure they are all secure
  • Test Smoke detector, if battery defective, replace
  • Check clock and battery
  • Turn on and test fridge on mains power
  • Turn on and test electric domestic heating and make sure it works in all modes
  • Turn on and test immersion heater is working correctly on mains power
  • Connect gas system to test rig and check for leaks
  • Check age of gas regulator, if more than ten years old, replace
  • Remove gas heater cover and check pilot light window is clear and orange o ring for signs of melting
  • Light heater and check igniter works
  • Check heater works in all gas modes
  • Check cooker rings and flame failure device is working correctly
  • Check oven making sure thermostat and flame failure device is working correctly
  • Check all gas flames are of a good condition, not smoky etc.
  • Check all door, locker door and window hinges and catches are working correctly
  • Check retractable beds and bunk beds
  • Grease corner steadies, ensure smooth and easy operation
  • Remove front jockey wheel assembly and grease
  • Grease handbrake assembly under vehicle at the axle centre line
  • Grease towing assembly
  • Carry out lubrication routine for all external locks and hinges
  • Check the tow head moves in and out under its own spring
  • Check breakaway cable condition
  • Jack caravan and check tyres including spare tyre for condition, making sure there are no cracks or bulges
  • Remove wheel, wheel hub nut and check brake linings
  • Clean and readjust the brakes and reassemble
  • Torque wheels
  • Check all exterior lights using test box
  • Conduct damp check on entire caravan using handheld meter