Summer 2017 @ WYCATS ltd

So its here.
School Finnish’s over the next week or two , and many of you will be setting off for your longest journeys.
Please carry out a few checks,especially if you haven’t been away yet this year, and preferably a couple of weeks before you go, to give you a chance of putting things right.
We at West Yorkshire Caravan and Trailer Services get a lot of calls from people who are going away “tomorrow” and have a problem. Though we will go out of our way to help, there are only so many hours in a day.
Checks to carry out.
1. Check Tyre dates. There is a 4 digit number on your tyre something like 4715 which means the 47th week of 2015 , nov 2015,
Tyre’s are deemed out of date after 7 years and should be changed.
2. Check Tyre pressure. Details of your tyre pressure are available on line.
Torque your wheel bolts.
3. Have a look underneath,
4. Put some water in the system, run taps and check under seats and beds for leaks.
5. turn gas on and check all the appliances work
6. Plug into the electric and make sure all the appliances work.
7. Most of all check that your wine and other essentials are secured properly and safely.
Have a great summer and don’t forget we are here if you need us, Advice is free preferably after 0900 and before 2200.

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